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Honeymoon in Kerala.

June 6, 2016
Are you looking for someplace to spend quality time with your sweetheart? Honeymoon is probably the most important and memorable event in one’s life (following the wedding day, of course). Time spent during the first few months of your marriage will determine the chemistry you two will share for your entire lives. Looking forward to it, aren't you? Well, at the same time, many places you had dreamt of as your ultimate honeymoon getaway will cost an arm and a leg. This is where we come in.

Welcome to Kerala. The land of culture, heritage and colors.

Thanks to it’s exotic and enticing geographical location, Kerala enjoys breathtaking views and pleasant weather so that your trip is devoid of any unpleasant experiences, on the whole. Wake up to the calm sound of beautiful, serene beaches.
The soothing stretches of emerald backwaters, heartwarming green hill stations and exciting wildlife. The dream-like waterfalls are also a sight to die for. Enjoy long walks with your darling close to the sprawling plantations and paddy fields.
What honeymoon is ever complete without an exotic spa experience? Ayurvedic health holidays are one of the key features of taking a vacation here in Kerala, owing to it’s rich culture that goes way back in the history.
Kerala is also known for its out of this world art forms that interest people all around the globe. The festivals, looked forward to by people of all ages, old and young alike, are something to remember and take back home. Also, monuments aren’t just for nerds. In fact, monuments make for very romantic venues for couples who are connecting and starting their lives together, learning about one another’s interests.
The food, ah! Kerala is known for it’s rich, scrumptious cuisine that intrigues foodies from all over the world, and of course, what good is a holiday if you don’t enjoy the food? Another aspect to your honeymoon is how you should go around the city. Well, rest assured, whether you want to go from the monument to the restaurants, or from the beaches to the monuments; you’re probably only an hour or two away! This luxury is seldom the case in any other place.
All too often, people are hesitant to visit any place in India due to the apparent lack of education and class here. Well, Kerala takes pride in maintaining a hundred percent literacy. The state-of-the-art health care provided here is also an admirable feature. Kerala, unlike other states in India, has the lowest infant mortality and highest life expectancy rates, which is very commendable given the state of the rest of the country. The highest physical quality of life in India. Peaceful and pristine, Kerala is India's cleanest state.
Therefore, if there is any place you’d like to go to in India, Kerala should be on top of your list. Affordable packages provided here at makes it all the more attractive!
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